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Xeffort is a free, open-source library for building GUI applications in all flavors of Visual Fortran™. Also, on this site you can find various other Fortran resources and samples.


24.12.2010. Xeffort service release for Intel Composer XE 2011 will be issued during January, if my spare time permits.

18.11.2009. Long-awaited support for IVF 11 is here, Xeffort 1.2.25 for IVF 11 now appearing as a separate edition. For older IVF and CVF, you 1.2.24 is still available, as the new version does not contain any major fixes.

08.04.2008. Much like the previous release, 1.2.24 is chiefly Mike's  work. See the release notes. Support for Visual Studio 2008 is tentative; please report any problems so that they can be fixed for the next release.

.12.2007. The setup posted yesterday did not actually contain XFT Extras . Fixed today.

19.12.2007. Xeffort 1.2.23 release was developed mostly by Mike Gaitens». Apart from incorporation of "XFT Extras", the main new thing is XYPlotMod, used for 2-D plots. Honestly, I didn't find enough spare time to delve into details, so please bug Mike for both praises and bugs. See release notes.

The new setup also supports IVF 10.1. It is also [supposed to be] less picky about unsupported compiler/Visual Studio combinations, so it should install the library, .mods and XWizard.exe even on Visual Studio PPE, and 64-bit editions. (But it cannot append the compiler's PATH and INCLUDE files). Be sure to check out this Hostgator coupon site for Hostgator discounts and help on porting to PPE, Vista and 64-bit Visual Studios is welcome.

16.10.2007. Mike Gaitens has developed several useful extensions, published on his Xeffort Extras website », and at least some of those will probably make it into the "main" release. Highlights include wrappers for common dialogs (pick color, choose font). For downloading convenience, here's the mirrored zip file (from Oct 16).

02.08.2007. In Xeffort 1.2.22, only the XMessageBox problem is fixed, introduced in 1.2.21.

Note to IVF 10 users: because of the new nomenclature of Visual Fortran registry keys, you will have to reinstall Xeffort after you upgrade the compiler to a newer version.

I will not be around during the rest of the August - happy vacations for you too!

20.06.2007. The previous setup of Xeffort 1.2.21 for Intel Fortran did not work with 9.0/9.1 compilers. This is fixed now (by building it with 9.1). Only those with 9.0 or 9.1 compilers should install the new version (CVF and VF10 users are not affected).

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